This is a very interesting post card sent from Ben to his little daughter, Pauline, after Christmas. It was postmarked on Jan. 22, 1923 in Habana, Cuba. It is addressed to Pauline Jones of Parnell, Missouri and reads: "Dear Little Daughter,  I received the candy all OK and it was fine, but I never received the cuff buttons mother sent.  lots of love   Daddy"

     This postcard seems to be in excellent shape with very slight edge wear. The front of the card shows a Habana tourist scene and is labeled:  Habana.   Bateria Antigua y Obelisco en la Cabana.  Old Cannons at Cabaria. The back of the post card has Republica de Cuba printed toward the top. The written part seems to be in ink, but there is a mirror written text which is hard to explain in lead pencil. Perhaps Ben redid his letter in ink not bothering to erase the lead part. Exactly the same words are mirrored but in both ink and lead.  Ben often raced his family's horses in Cuba before the Calumet job during the winter months. This is an example of a trainer's reply home over the Christmas holidays. I find it interesting that Ben did not sign his name B.A. which he often did when even writing to his close family members. A father and daughter has a special bond, no doubt.

      As anyone who has campaigned a stable of race horses knows, being on the road and writing home is a part of our life. I acquired several pre-Calumet era postcards that Ben, Jimmy, and other members of the family exchanged. These simple cards often may offer insight into the characters of these gentlemen. Below are some examples of personal correspondence offered for sale. They will include a certificate of authenticity of purchase by me, a copy of the sale bill, and any other pertinent information which may be of value.

 Price:  $50.00 each.
The home farm track back in Parnell, Missouri where Ben's family stayed when he was out racing horses.