I am very pleased to possess these two historic pony-horse saddles which both Ben and Jimmy owned and rode out on, accompanying their racehorse training sets to the track much as seen in the above photogaph of Ben leading a set out to train one morning.  They were both sold at the last estate auction sale of August 16, 2002. Can you imagine the history of these two saddles, particularly the Barnsby? If that saddle could talk! No doubt, it was along side the very greats of Calumet racing illuminaries, i.e. Whirlaway, Citation, Ponder, you name the horse and this saddle was along side that animal. This was probably the saddle Ben was on when he dared Arcaro to ride between his horse and the rail proving that Whirlaway would stay down on the rail when outfitted with his special outside blinker cup.

     The above photo appears to show Ben on the Barnsby, I am offering here. I am sure that this was most likely his personal saddle with Jimmy being relegated to the Smith-Worthington saddle, though both used western saddles on occasion. At any rate, these two English saddles plus one exercise saddle were the only saddles sold at the estate auctions of Jimmy Jones. They both offer the racehorse collector a unique object that extrudes the very heart of the Jones training legacy. Both of these great trainers rode these saddles. Their boots planted in those irons as they made track history.

     This Barnsby is in the park or all purpose design. It is in nice shape and could just as easily be ridden daily, today, as it was used by the Jones back then. It has a square cantle, pigskin covered seat with a cutback head. The flaps and jockeys are stitched all around for added appearance. The panels are hair stuffed and hide covered. Three billet straps are found on each side. The size is 18". This was a quality crafted saddle made by one of the best Saddlers in England. The fawn felt saddle pad is original to that saddle. It was in the Jones tack trunk. This saddle pad, naturally, shows it hard use and age, but was at one time a pad of firm, yellow shade felt. Leather strappings have loops for the billets to hold pad in place. It shows moth damage as well as having the dirt, sweat, hair of pony-horse use still on the underside. The leathers/irons and girth are all original to the saddle. A certificate of authenticity, a copy of the estate sale bill, and photo copy of Ben going out with his training set, will be included with this saddle and fittings.

Price: SOLD

     The below Smith-Worthington in the forward seat jumping design. The Smith-Worthington was the second pony-horse saddle sold during this last Jones estate auction and was probably Jimmy's personal saddle, at least while the old man was alive. Like the Barnsby, this saddle is in equal good condition and could be used as a daily riding saddle. All stitching appears tight on this saddle. The seat, jockeys, and flaps are covered in fine pigskin, sweatflaps are of best butt stock, the panels are covered with long-wearing calfskin. Hand stitched for added beauty and durability. The flaps are molded over the concealed knee rolls to give a pre-formed knee pocket. The saddle label reads: Superior Saddlery, Smith-Worthington Company, with the charted Oak trademark. It has three billet straps on each side. The stirrup irons and leather plus girth are original to this saddle. A certificate of authenticity and a copy of the estate sale bill will be included with this saddle and fittings.

price:     SOLD