Why spend big bucks for a more sophisticated wrench which you will probably only use seconds out of the year?

     Also, this tool is unique in its workmanship and quality from the others. It is made by my brother in his machine shop on the family farm in the Midwest, USA. No cheap Chinese imports! We produce only a few handmade quality tools per year.

     Why spend a few less bucks on a cheaper plastic/steel tool composite often listed on various places that is smaller and harder to grasp? This is a much larger, longer tool, over 2" long and easily held by your hand when you extract your barrel nut. This is a bare-bones after-market Dan Wesson revolver barrel tool/wrench, superior to Wesson factory and many after-market versions which will fit the medium frame (some times called small frame) multi-calibers of .22, .32, .357 magnum or .38 revolver (newer style with the recessed barrel nut)---that will get the job done. It is constructed entirely out of high quality tempered steel with protective plastic or rubber end caps. It has a sliding T-handle with the wrench's bare nipple will fit a .22 or .32. Keep the plastic protective nipple cap on and you will have a wrench that will work nicely on a .357 or .38.

You will need to find the easily purchased hex wrenches to fit the sights and handle grip as they are not included with this wrench. Also you will need a .006" feeler gauge, if you want to mic to factory tolerances which is not included in this lot either, but can easily be purchased at any auto parts shop as a standard multi-leaf type feeler gauge containing many widths along with the recommended .006" width for a few bucks.

As to barrel gap, the standard feeler sent from the factory was .006 inches. This is actually on the high side. Daniel B. Wesson always suggested to set the gap at .003" for best results. The reason he went to a thicker feeler was to avoid irate customers calling in describing that their revolver was locked up when it just needed a cleaning. I run the gap on mine, up around .005 as I have found that lead and powder residue build up very quickly making the action feel tight. If you plan to shoot a lot of lead bullets, I would suggest keeping the gap on the high side. If you shoot jacketed loads, you may want to set closer to .003" or if you don't mind cleaning your piece regularly, keep it at .003. At any rate, the previously mentioned standard leaf type feeler gauge that can be bought at various auto stores will allow you to experiment with gaps from .003 to the regulation .006". I think this is a much better instrument to have than the all inclusive .006" factory supplied gauge which is regulation and included with some wrenches.

This wrench should be in the possession of all Dan Wesson revolver owners so they can continually check barrel tightness and gap tolerances over months of shooting (though once or twice a year is all that is recommended), even if you have no intention of changing barrels. The accuracy of the Dan Wesson revolver has been well established due to its barrel/shroud design. Superior accuracy is achieved by virtue of the basic design of the Dan Wesson revolver. It is the only revolver in which the barrel is secured at both ends and always under tension---like a banjo string. In order to properly maintain this all important tension for maximum accuracy, you need this wrench.


This tool as characteristic of almost all hand tools which also includes the original Dan Wesson barrel tools in that they are not designed to remove corroded and frozen nuts! DO NOT TRY! It is quite reasonable to assume if one combines a damp climate + gunpowder residue + a long length of time without nut movement = trouble can easily ensue and you will have a nut seated rock solid. If you attempt to use a plain wrench, it is quite likely that nut and/or tool damage will result! My tool will probably not easily crack such a nut as would not any similar barrel tool. If you do attempt to use my tool or any tool on such a corroded nut, use very careful, ginger manipulation and a thorough presoaking with WD-40 or something similar, first. In the end, it would be safest to take such a frozen nut to your local gunsmith or machine shop and let a professional free it.

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For more info, email me at    dahart@centurytel.net

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Large Frame Dan Wesson Barrel Tool

After years of having large frame (.41, .44 mag, .45 colt) Dan Wesson revolver owners contact me inquiring if I make and sell a tool for their large frame; now I can say, "Yes!"

For you SuperMag revolver owners, the SuperMag Dan Wesson is just a large frame revolver with an extended cylinder. So in theory, this large frame wrench should fit those Dan Wesson revolvers as well. You will need to take the plastic protective nipple off to fit the .357 and .375 SuperMags.

This tool will fit the large frame multi-calibers of .41, .44 or .45. It is constructed entirely out of high quality tempered steel with diamond knurling cut into the handle for a better grip. It has a sliding T-handle with the wrench's bare nipple will fit in the barrel of of your large frames.Why spend a few less or more bucks on a cheaper or more expensive plastic/steel tool composite often listed else where that is smaller and harder to grasp and won't stand up to prolonged use? This is a much larger, longer tool, at over a 2" length with enough heft to be easily held by your hand when you extract your barrel nut

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Dan Wesson Compensated Barrel Tool

     A few of you Dan Wesson revolver owners have the .445 compensated barrel which requires a tool that is longer than normal. This tool should be what you need. It is for a compensated barrel shroud that encloses and supports a firearm barrel, provides a first portion of the shroud for receiving the barrel that extends from the firearm frame to an end of the barrel. There is a second larger inner diameter portion extending from the end of the barrel to a forward most outer end of the shroud. The barrel and shroud are screwed together by inter-engaging threads positioned adjacent the end of the barrel. The end of the shroud has a decreased diameter exit hole defining an expansion chamber within the second larger inner diameter portion. At least one slot is formed along a top surface of the second portion to allow expanding propellant gas from within the second portion to escape. The slot is sized and arranged to provide a downward thrust to the barrel shroud to compensate recoil forces generated.

 Price: US$53.00 with free shipping in USA

Proper Procedure to Change a Dan Wesson Barrel:


1. Assemble the barrel wrench to the barrel nut in the muzzle of the barrel.
2. Unscrew and remove the barrel nut.
3. Remove shroud by sliding forward off the barrel.
4. Unscrew the barrel from the frame.
5. Screw new barrel with end containing most thread into the frame
6. Insert .006 (.002" for SuperMag)' feeler gauge against the front of the cylinder and screw barrel into frame until there is a slight      pressure against the feeler gauge, if you want to follow DW specs, but less than .006" may be more conducive to accuracy.
7. Keeping the gauge in place. install new shroud over barrel and locating pin
8. Assemble barrel nut (slots up) using wrench, Tighten so that firm pressure is required to unscrew the nut. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.
9. Recheck gap between cylinder and barrel by moving gauge There should be slight pressure against the gauge, but it should be possible to move it.
10. Remove feeler gauge.
11. After firing the first six or twelve rounds, recheck for proper gap and barrel nut tightness. Make certain the gun is unloaded for this recheck.
12. If the barrel nut is too tight, making removal difficult, use the following procedure: Be sure revolver is not loaded before attempting to free barrel nut.
a. Soak overnight the barrel nut end in WD-40 or some similar compound, then try gingerly using the wrench. Make particularly sure that the nipples stay seated in the nut slots and that you place downward pressure on the wrench while turning.
b. With wrench assembled to the barrel nut, using a mallet, tap back of wrench sharply to loosen nut.
c. Submerge nut end into boiling water or heat with a heat gun or hair dryer to cause nut to expand for easier removal.

d. Search on google for a threaded rod/nut DIY device that will remove the barrel in one piece from the frame without removing end nut. The rod goes all the way through the barrel with nuts tightened on both ends.


Some feedback from these tools sold on ebay:

Hi I have to tell you your Dan Wesson tool is awesome. I just bought a Wesson .357. It was a great price and I suspect the shop could not get the barrel loose, which led to the "get it out of here" pricing. Your tool and I tried to loosen the barrel today. At first NO movement at all. I hit it with some penetrating oil and had a coffee. NEXT TRY, BOOM! loose. Perfect. Thank you.....................................................(June 15, 2010)

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NOTE:  I have only a few left in this batch  to sell  (less than 20) and there may be no more  crafted this year.  So if you think you might want to purchase one,  you better do it now!
NOTE:  I have only a few left in this batch  to sell  (less than 10) and there may be no more  crafted this year.  So if you think you might want to purchase one,  you better do it now!
out of stock