Above is a 1941 photo of Calumet's great racehorse, Whirlaway, pictured in a race bridle and yoke  that appears identically made as the one I purchased at the Jimmy Jones estate auction below. Below was the only race bridle sold at the H.A. (Jimmy) Jones estate auctions.There is every indication that this was a bridle from the Calumet era.. Other items in his auctioned off tack trunk can be dated and authenticated to equipment seen in old Calumet photos. Certainly, once Jimmy left the employ of Calumet, he never returned to training. Another tip-off is that this bridle has what is usually considered a colt bit attached to it. He never again trained colts after 1964. We do know that Jimmy thought enough of this bridle to store it all of these years without the hope of probably ever using it. Chances are it was on some very good youngsters and, no doubt, on equally good race horses in actual races. Imagine some of the great jockeys' hands that might have touched those reins. This is a typical all-leather bridle used during that era. It is in excellent condition with double-sewed half inch leather cheek pieces and 3/8" browband. Race reins are of 1 inch leather. The rubber hand holds are, of course, well worn. The bit is a straight mouth, leather covered bit with leather side protectors. It is in nice shape with a 4 inch mouth. As I pointed out with the exercise saddle, Jimmy probably kept this bridle as a sentimental heirloom to his Calumet training days. It could be very possible that this was a bridle worn by Citation, certainly of all the horses he trained this one horse held a tight hold on his sentimentality. A caveson and leather yoke will be included with this bridle. The yoke is typical of those used during that time period, but minus the rings. It is non-rust hardware and is constructed of .75" and 3/8" leather. The noseband or caveson has a padded front nose piece and of spike-ring construction. The bridle, caveson, yoke were not cleaned by me, only lightly oiled with olive oil. The natural scurf or grime seen on these animals came from the Calumet horses they were last used upon. Perhaps in some small way, these pieces of race tack will bring to the owner a feeling of the mystique of the illustrious racing legacy of both the Jones and Calumet Farms. With the purchase of these items, I will include a certificate of authenticity, a copy of the sale bill from which they were purchased, and any other pertinent information I may have.

Price:    SOLD

Yoke & caveson