Below was the only exercise saddle that came up for public auction in the Jimmy Jones estate sale. This saddle sold on August 16th, 2002 in a group of three saddles. The other two were pony-horse saddles. This is a rather curious saddle in several respects, but first let me say that it is a typical race track exercise saddle employed during the middle half of the last century. It has a full tree, unlike the modern half-trees. It is in useable condition with two major worn places as shown below. What is curious about this saddle is that Jimmy had all four billet straps replaced sometime after his Calumet training days (post-1964). It is obvious that this saddle had never again been cinched on a horse after those repairs. The question is why would Jimmy go to all the trouble of repairing this saddle which is in only fair condition, if he is no longer training or really never planned to train again? Had Jimmy planned to get another horse or colt to play with, you can bet he could well afford a brand new modern saddle. Yes, very curious. The only conclusion, I can come up with having trained horses, myself, is that this saddle had great sentimental significance for him and as with all trainers, well worn or damaged leather parts--needs to be repaired. It is in our blood! Jimmy always had a very close tie to Citation. It was said that he had to buy the first Citation auto when it came off of the assembly line, simply because of the name. Perhaps this was the work saddle of Citation? Too bad, Jimmy is not alive to tell me the real story. At any rate, I am selling this saddle as undoubtedly a saddle used during the Calumet years of Ben and Jimmy's career. It is in only fair condition with two major worn areas.

     It has a small inch by half inch hole toward side of seat and another 2" open slit along the stitching further up in the middle of the seat. It is a J.C. Meyer Turf Goods saddle with a plate on one side. It comes complete with a leather girth that was in the tack trunk which sold at the estate sale. The saddle was never cleaned by me. The normal saddle dirt is original and has the caked sweat and grime of many a Calumet work mile on it. I applied a light coat of olive oil, only. Included with the purchase of this saddle will be the a copy of the Estate Sale bill, and a certificate of authenticity of me as purchaser.

price:     SOLD

1" x .5" hole to left side of seat.

2" slit along seam up toward cantle.

Saddle name plate.