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Racehorse Injuries

    Horses tend to be extremely accident prone creatures even without the compounding of this tendency with daily race training stresses.  It is little wonder that most racehorsemen have gray hair or none at all.  My text,  A Racehorse Herbal,  will cover most of the common injuries found in the performance horse. It will study the traditional treatments and offer new herbal ones.  Modern veterinary treatments will be examined, too.  Certainly, all spheres of treatment must not be overlooked in this competitive arena.  An example of selected racehorse injuries from A Racehorse Herbal will be discussed on this website from the following systems:

1. Skin System

  1. Cracked Heels

2. Muscular/Skeletal Systems

  1. Suspensory Ligament
  2. Bucked shins
  3. Arthritic Joints

3. Cardiovascular System

4. Respiratory System

    a. Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage

5  Gastrointestinal system

  1. Colic

6. Nervous System

7. Endocrine System

8. Urogenital System

9. Immune System

Churchill Hock Test. . . . . . . a test every horseman should know.

An unusual photograph of a young woman astride a racehorse in full street dress. It was the custom to ride side-saddle back in that day! Maybe she was a tomboy daughter of a trainer? Is she just posing for a spur of the moment portrait on her Daddy's horse or is she astride to mean business? She certainly looks serious, seems to know what she is doing and has a good hold on the old boy. Who knows? Her horse is wearing a crescendo bit. A cresendo bit was often used on pullers.  This photo came in a group of cards originating from the Wilmette/Chicago area. Circa around 1915.

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